- Self confidence

- Thinking on the spot - responding in the moment to the stimulus of our immediate environment

- Consider their audience - have to explain the word in a way that the other person will be able to understamd

Also related to creative thinking - expanding/stretching their thinking. Having to think in unusual ways

Example: Taboo

(Like Articulate - only better!)

How do you play?

Players take it in turns to be the 'clue-giver'. The clue giver takes a pile of cards and must try to describe the 'guess word' at the top of the card without using the 5 'taboo' words underneath which they are not allowed to use.

How does it help to improve communication skills?

  • In the game you are only given a certain amount of time when it is your go. Players therefore need to say things in a concise and to the point manner and be able to express themselves clearly.

  • The game helps to build children's ability to describe things effectively.