Logic and Strategy

Also known as reasoning and planning, logic and strategy are two key skills for games and for life.


5. anticipate the future

No, this doesn't mean start reading tea leaves. It means think one step ahead - "if I go here, then my opponent could go there on the next turn and block me." Strategic thinkers will think one step ahead and consider the consequences of their actions.


3. Be flexible

In order to be a logical thinker, you will also need to be a flexible thinker. A flexible thinker isn't too rigid in their thinking and knows that there isn't just one way of doing things. Many times when playing a game, you might plan to put a certain piece down on your next go. Before it gets to your next go though, what do you know - your opponent has just gone and put down a piece exactly where you were going to go! They've ruined your plan! Flexible thinking becomes crucial as the game progresses as options become more limited. Often a player will have to reevaluate their resources and options available.

Flexibility is an important skill to have in life. Johnson and Sessions explain that "flexibility is what enables individuals to generate new ways to solve a problem, adapt to changes in routines [or situations], and adjust to the unexpected." 

4. Offense and defense

Consider how to guarantee your win but also how to guarantee your opponents loss. In Blokus for example, you want to ensure that you are able to put all of your pieces down whilst also trying to block the other players so that they can't put all of their pieces down.

2. Consider Different options

Don't act impulsively but rather take your time to consider your course of action. "I could put my piece here or I could put it there. Which move would get me the most points and/or put me in a better position?" A logical thinker will identify all of their available options and weigh the pros and cons of each one.

6. Reflect on the past

Reflect on your mistakes order to ensure that you wont make the same ones next time. Consider how you can improve your strategy.

1. Analyse the game

Before you start, take a moment to consider what challenge is the game presenting. How does the game work, what are it's mechanics, what do you need to do to win the game?

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