4. Pentago

July 17, 2018

The designers of Pentago have taken your standard four in a row/connect four game (which we all know and love from playing as little kids) and with some clever twists (pardon the pun!), have jazzed the game up to make it into a highly strategic and challenging game which adults and kids alike can enjoy.


Pentago is a two player game, one player is white and the other is black. On their turn, players place a ball of their colour onto the board to try and create a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five pieces in their colour. Sounds simple right?


Here is where it gets difficult. The board is a 6x6 board, divided up into four smaller squares of 3x3. Each of these smaller squares spins around (90 degrees at a time and can spin the full 360 degrees). 


Once players have placed one of their balls on the board, they need to spin one of the squares 90 degrees. It doesn't have to be the same square that they just placed a piece on, and they are able to spin it either clockwise or anti-clockwise.


This means that the board is constantly changing which makes it very difficult to get your line of five.






Spatial reasoning 

Players need to be able to visualise how the board will look once a turn has been made - "if my piece is here, then when this square is rotated 90 degrees anti-clockwise it will be here."


Planning and thinking one step ahead

Players need to devise a game plan of how they are going to guarantee their success. They need to consider how they can get five in a row and use the moving board to their advantage. Any randomly placed pieces might not work in the players favour.


Offence and defence

Players not only want to make sure that they get five in a row, but they want to make sure that their opponent doesn't! They therefore need to simultaneously focus on their offence and their defence.



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