"We are social beings. We live and learn in the company of others... the ability to work with others is critical to the strength of communities and to meeting the challenges we collectively face." Ken Robinson

The vast majority of games involve players competing against each other. Puzzles, on the other hand, allow participants to work in a team to find the solution together. They are working together to find a common goal.

So what does a team need for good teamwork?



1. Teamwork = the whole team

Effective teamwork, as obvious as it may sound, requires first and foremost the participants to see themselves as a team and understand what it means to be a team.


For some this will mean making sure that they are letting others participate and that they're not leaving anyone out by being too bossy and dominating. They will need to make sure that they are taking turns and sharing resources.

For others this will mean making sure that they are joining in and not just being an observer.  They will need to assert themselves and contribute to the team effort.

Teams are often made up of lots of different personalities which brings us on to point 2...  

2. Being able to work together effectively

This means putting personal differences aside for the sake of the task at hand. Not arguing and blaming each other if something goes wrong. Children and adults alike need to be able to work with people that they haven't necessarily chosen to work with and that they might not be close friends with.

Good teams will include encouragement, humour, and compromise to create a fun environment. Good teams don't have to agree on every single thing but they will also know not to hurt each others feelings.  

3. sharing ideas

One of the most crucial things for good teamwork is listening to everyone's ideas. Recognizing that everyone has something to contribute. People approach things in different ways with different perspectives. Good teams also need to plan and consider what their strategy is before they dive straight in.